January Chaplain Chat Maple Plain

“A Time to Say Goodbye”

As happens in every life a new stage of life has occurred for me. I have reached that magic number of 66, which for me means time to scale back and take more time to relax.

I have been in full time ministry now for 40 years. I spent the first 5 years as a pastor of a church in northern Minnesota and then 6 years as a pastor in a church in southeastern Minnesota. This was then followed by 19 years as a chaplain at Hennepin County Medical Center. Then the Lord made it possible for me to spend the next 10 plus years a chaplain with Elim Care (now known as Cassia).

During this time I have been chaplain at Cornerstone in Plymouth and also at Elim Shores in Eden Prairie. A little over 4 years ago I left Elim Shores to have the honor of being the chaplain at Haven Homes and Bryant House. I remained chaplain at Cornerstone at the same time.

So much has happened during my time at Haven Homes and Bryant House. It would take too much space to tell of all the amazing things I have seen occur at Haven Homes and Bryant House. This much I must say though, the residents and families and staff are all amazing and so giving and have blessed me far beyond anything I could have ever done for them.

The residents share their hearts and are such an inspiration of strength, courage, faith and joy. The families give such examples of love and tenderness for their loved ones. The staff has hearts and souls of gold and have not only compassion but place their very hearts into their work and the way they share God’s love and care is without equal and could teach even the most seasoned chaplain.

The chaplain who comes next I know will be fantastic. Whoever it is will have the joy and blessing of working with a wonderful staff and amazing residents and families. Without a doubt God will bring you a chaplain who will be amazing and will be a blessing to you all.

I will still be at Cornerstone and just down the road a piece from you all, but you will all be in my heart and prayers. God, I know, will continue to do amazing things through you all.

God bless you and give all of you hearts filled with joy.

Lord bless you all,

Chaplain Jim Vogt