Who do you look up to that you have never met?

Who in your life have you been able to look up to? Who is that one person or maybe persons you admire but have never met?rev billy graham

If we all sat around a table and had this discussion we might find we have some people we would choose in common and some surprises at who other people look up to. One whom I looked up to and many others have is the Rev. Dr. Billy Graham.

He was a dedicated man; he himself would say a flawed man but a man of deep commitment, faith, love, and humility.

He was dedicated to sharing the Gospel and maintaining integrity while doing so.

In a world growing in its appetite for selfish indulgence, and focusing on self rather than the needs of others, we need men God uses like Rev. Graham.

Would we not be able to say we lived a life well for Christ if we lived a dedicate life of faith and love and integrity? Would we not find fulfillment in sharing the Gospel of Christ, unashamedly, with those in need.?

As we think of Spring and the renewal of life in nature let us all be recommitted to being a vessel used by God to see God bring renewal in our homes, places of business, schools, churches and country. Each of us can make a difference. Maybe not on the huge scale like Dr. Graham but then again he would tell us that it is always about reaching the world one person at a time.

Respectfully submitted,

Chaplain Jim Vogt