This past month we hosted the ABC’s of Art mini Academy with our Creative Corner.

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By Haven Homes residents on 1-22-18

Rain and snow mix coming down, snow piled 4 feet high in the middle  of the street, schools closing, lots and lots of them.

Staying home! It’s a snow day! Making blanket forts and playing outside until we were froze, coming in for hot chocolate, cookies and marshmallows.

High, whistling wind and blowing snow, with snow drifts up to the rooftops. Snow covering up the cops car and he had to walk to find his car! Cars in the middle of the road, with snow piled high on each side up to the cars rooftop! People walking in the blowing snow using umbrellas! I never thought of that before! But where are their boots?

Snow drifts 5 feet high that covered the cars. Everyone’s out with shovels and sleds to have some fun.

Blizzards come! Powers out! Have to use the antique oil lamps and candles. Some might be lucky to have a fireplace and listen to the fire crackle and snap.

We lived in Duluth and had lots of snow storms, so we stayed put! Dad wouldn’t go out in it, too dangerous! Blizzards can be scary snow, chains on the tires, cars in the ditch. Get the snow plows ready. Walking on the crunchy snow above the sidewalk. I hated my overshoes! But we made snow forts and tunnels and boys played football in the snow.

Going to snuggle down in my pajamas and relax. Curl up under the covers, read a good book. Baking cookies and eating popcorn. It’s time to hibernate.

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