E.L.I.M. stands for Engaged in lifelong learning, inspiration, and movement. 

Life Long Learning

Haven Homes offers educational classes with a new topic each month chosen by the residents. These classes are called Mini Academies. Therapeutic Recreation staff teach a variety of educational topics that include hands on projects. Some of the month-long Mini Academies that Haven Homes residents have engaged in include: Healthy Eating, Winter Olympics, Handiwork, Harvest, Gardening, and Destination Scandinavia.


Haven Homes created a variety of inspirational programs that all residents can engage in to promote their personal inspirations. Whether that is through spiritual groups like bible study, wellness of the soul through yoga, or creating deeper connections with those around you; each resident at Haven Homes is able to have the opportunity to find a new or revived inspiration in their life.


Senior Fit is a group exercise program that is held twice a week at Haven Homes. The program includes targeted exercises of all of the major muscle groups that can be completed with exercise equipment.  Exercises are designed to promote strength, range of motion, increase or maintain cardiac output, promote blood flow, train positional awareness, and improve or maintain balance.